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Products for Radiation Measurements

Alpha Sample Counter Alpha Beta Systems Backpack for Water Safety (PDF) Beta Air Monitor (PDF) Beta-Gamma Portal BGO Probes Breathing Zone Monitor Chem, Bio, Rad (PDF) Continuous Water Monitor (PDF) Easy to Network (PDF) Emergency Response Kit Exit Monitor Fast or Slow Neutrons Flexible Neutron Shielding Floor Monitors Four Detector Autochanger Gas Flow Hand/Shoe Hand and Foot Monitor Inspector's Scanner Iodine Monitor Indoor Survey Equipment Large Area Ionization Chambers (PDF) Large Area Proportional Counters (PDF) Laundry Monitor Liquid Scintillation Low level Alpha, Beta Counters Moving Filter Neutron Rem Monitor Neutron Survey Package Monitor (PDF) PERALS Personal Gamma Detector Personal Radiation Detector Pipe Interior Portable Alpha Air Monitor Portable Alpha/Beta CAM Portable CAM Radiation Identifier Radon Monitor (PDF) REM Ball Rugged Ion Chamber (PDF) Sample Changer Sample Counting Speclon Filters Surface Scan TLC Scanner Tritium Surface Monitor (PDF) Vehicle Monitor (PDF) Water Tests (PDF) Workplace Air Monitor X-Ray Leakage Xenon Monitor (PDF)


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